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5 Fashion Laws You Should Never Break

We all enjoy the stares and attention our outfits give us when we go out. However, when people murmur and give you a gawking look over your outfit, it means something is wrong. It is impossible to follow every trend and fashion rule available, but maintaining a balance with your dress puts you on a safer and comfortable side. Even if you get away with some clothing combination, you should never do any of the following:

1. Black monochrome

Black pair with any color or style you can think of in the world, but it doesn’t look too good when you wear it all through. Fine, you can be passing a message across, but not many people will understand. Except, it’s for a special occasion or recommended for an event, you should never wear a black monochrome.

2. Don’t wear too many trendy outfits.

Trendy Font -

While It is understandable to show you are trendy, try not to go overboard with it. Simplicity is the key. The best is to add only a few modern styles that suit the season.

3. Wearing worn-out shoes

It does not matter if you put on the most expensive or latest jacket, if your shoes are worn out, then your whole outfit becomes a mess.

4. Tucking in without a belt

If you don’t have a belt, you have no business tucking in your shirt, especially if your pants are loose. Using a belt helps keep your trouser and shirt in place.

5. Don’t wear a trending outfit if it doesn’t fit you.

Trendy wears have a way of making us feel we have an obligation to keep up. The truth is, you dont, especially if the style doesn’t fit you. Wearing unflattering fashion cloth defies its sole purpose - crafting an identity.

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