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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Tights

Tights may not be as versatile as jeans and other pants, but they are essential. For instance, your oversized sweater and shirts can only appear beautiful when you pair them with tights. Similarly, your tunic may not exactly look great on your body without the right tight. 

However, it is common to see many people make some mistakes when wearing tights. In this article, we will show you some of these mistakes and avoid them in the future.

Meanwhile, mistakes don't necessarily mean you have done something wrong. Instead, this article only aims to provide some guidance to help you look your best. Learn more in the following paragraphs: 

Showing only a few inches of your tights

If you wear tights under a very long dress as a layer, it's understandable. However, when people can only see a few inches of your tights, it's wrong. Tights go with short dresses and tunics the most. Also, you can wear your tights underneath a mini skirt.

Wearing tight with heavy shoes

Tights generally make your legs slim. Wearing bulky or heavy sneakers make your legs thinner and the shoes oversize. Instead, go for sandals, heels, low-top sneakers, or stylish slippers.

Wearing only black tights

There are different shades of tights out there, so don't restrict yourself to black tights. Consider the color of the accompanying dress and choose a matching tight.

Wearing them as regular trousers

Tights come in different designs and textures. Even the thickest of tights can be revealing when stretched beyond its normal length. As such, when you wear them as your usual trouser, they may be too revealing. Ensure you check the mirror before stepping out of your house.

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