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Four must have items for the summer

Summer is here again and it is absolutely hot! Yep we're about to head into the rainy season which is my favorite season except for the little downside of unexpected rainfall that ruins your schedule for the day. Summertime is a time to lounge indoors sipping cold beverages,take a stroll out in the evening when the sun has retreated and going to the beach and having bonfires. Regardless to say here are four must have items for the summer

1. Sunscreen : This is an item every lady needs to have honestly I wasn't a fan of it I used to think it was for white people (the lack of melanin with the sunburn and all🙄) but everyone needs it. Sunscreen protects the skin from harsh UV Ray's and filters from the sun and other harsh environmental radicals that damage the skin and causes premature aging. Applying it goes a long way in protecting the skin as you go about your day to day activities under the sun. When buying sunscreen go for those with a sun protection factor(SPF) of 50 and above

2. Sunglasses: Ahh those magical lens you put on that takes your look from 0 to 100 from plain to super star status! Sunglasses are beautiful accessories that not only make you look glamorous but protect your eyes and the skin around it from the harsh glare of the sun. You can also add extra protection by using those with UV filters and anti glare

3 Sandals: What would summer be without Sandals? A boring summer. Add a pop of color to your shoe collection with a pair(or two😉) of comfortable sandals or flip flops as "Oyinbo" people call am. You can also go for those with heels if you're a glamorous girl or if you're stepping out for a date or to hit the club

3. Playsuits: Those pretty miniature versions of jumpsuits. Playsuits are light playful and feminine and are ideal for a day out at the beach,the mall or just a stroll through the park

4. Straw hats: Straw hats always add that carefree touch to any outfit. You can always pair them a playsuit and comfy sandals and you're good to go

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