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Different ways to style a Fedora hat with Nigerian clothes

The fedora hat has been trending for a while now, especially with formal and casual wear. Similarly, many Nigerian men have tried their hands with the hat and senator styles. You might not know, but adding a hat to your traditional cloth can be the only thing that will get you into conversation with classy men. Besides, it makes you look classy and sophisticated.

With endless styles to choose from, it can be challenging to choose one. Therefore, we have listed some ways to combine your fedora hat.

1. Fedora hat and Agbada

For this time, you have to ditch your traditional cap for the fedora cap. It adds a little bit of flair to your style and boosts your confidence. 

2. Fedora hat and senator style 

Do you want to make heads turn at that wedding party? Then you should consider this combination. Look for a neutral color like black, beige, or grey to make a monochrome style.

3. Match Your Fedora hat with your shoes

This pair will force people to acknowledge you. Ensure the fabric is white to bring out the colors of your hat and shoes, which can be red, blue, or any other bright colors.

4. Fedora hat and Ankara

This hat also suits any Ankara style you may choose. You will make a statement if you choose a beige or black color.

5. Fedora hat and Isiagu

Switch up your style by moving from the senator and Ankara fabric. Make a quick trip to the southeast with this combination. It does not only show you are culturally conscious but also shows you are trendy.

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