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Why Brands May Not End Their Deals With Tiwa Savage Despite Her Leaked Sextape

Since Tiwa Savage's s*x tape made its way into social media a few days ago, some people believe that she now stands a risk of losing out on the endorsement deals she has bagged in the past years. The reason is that brands do not like scandals, and are often quick to dissociate themselves from influencers that are trailed by the kind of scandal that is currently trailing Tiwa.

But I do not believe that Tiwa will lose her endorsement deals because of this scandal, and the reasons are what we are going to discuss here.

Before the tape was leaked, Tiwa had already disclosed that someone was trying to blackmail her with it. She said that she had decided that she was not going to pay any money to the blackmailer, so she was more or less prepared for whatever was going to happen in the coming days.

She spoke openly about it, and even talked about her plans to open up to her son about it. Some people thought this was going to break her down, but she portrayed strength in the face of the challenges. She proved that she could never be broken by this issue which some people believed was going to have a devastating effect on her career.

That demonstration of strength could be a key factor for brands. To some people, she has become a symbol of strength, and I do not think brands would want to cut off from her because of that.

Another thing is that hers was not a case of someone who was caught cheating on her partner. It was an intimate moment with her boyfriend, so some people may even see her as the victim in this case. Even though some blame her for allowing herself to be recorded, the fact that it wasn't a case of cheating makes it somehow forgivable.

During an interview with American radio host, Angie Martinez, of Power 105.1, Tiwa said that she had decided that she was going to own the narrative, that she is not ashamed of it, because this is someone she is dating. She said that she was not cheating, and his boyfriend was not cheating either.

I think brands would probably understand that they are adults, just as she said during the interview, and also because she did not cheat. So I do not think that she will lose her endorsement deals because of the leaked sextape.

What are your thoughts on this? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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