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3 Essential Coral Accessories You Should Own

Coral beads traditionally depict royalty. Rooted deeply in the history of various West African cultures, coral accessories have been used for centuries. Though red corals are the most common, there are also other colours such as white, brown, etc. The coral symbolizes warmth and beauty; for some, it also symbolizes protection. In this article, you will learn more about several accessories made with coral beads. Keep reading.             


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1. Necklace. Coral necklaces are very common accessories. Traditionally, coral necklaces are worn by royalty and chiefs across different cultures. The coral necklace has evolved over the years. It is common to see brides and even grooms adorned with coral necklaces. You will get coral necklaces in various designs and shapes. Your outfits can be paired with coral necklaces, you will stand out.     

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2. Bracelets. Coral bracelets can be worn by both men and women. There are several designs of coral bracelets. You can choose to pair your bracelet with matching necklaces; you can also wear it as a single piece. Coral bracelets add a taste of exquisiteness to your outfits. Ensure you get one as soon as you can.

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3. Earrings. Coral earrings exist in different shapes and sizes. You get to add more detail to your look by using coral earrings. Although coral earrings are majorly worn by brides during traditional weddings, you can also wear them for any special event.                   

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Explore the beauty of coral by infusing them into your looks. Which coral accessory will you like to rock? Tell me in the comments below. Check back for more articles on coral accessories.

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