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Essential Ankara Bags Every Man Should Have

Undoubtedly, Ankara bags are trendy and unique. Their designs complete your outfit no matter what you may be putting on. They come in different types, including a tote, box, handbag, travel bags, and handbags. Women have explored most of the Ankara bag options, but some men are still catching up. If you have not thought of owning one or are confused about which ones you need in your closet, check out the following Ankara bags for classy men.

1. Ankara kit bag

You can start your Ankara bag collection from the basics. This Ankara kit bag is a mini bag for carrying your grooming essentials. 

2. Ankara underarm purse

You can make a great entrance into that “owambe” with this Ankara underarm purse.

3. Ankara cross bag

Like the usual cross bags, this Ankara cross bag pairs with any casual event conveniently. It is also spacious enough for essential items such as your phone, car key, house key, wallet, and so on.

4. Ankara backpack

This multipurpose backpack seems suitable for school, seminars, or the office. You should go for a cooler Ankara print rather than a colorful one.

5. Ankara laptop bag

With a classy and unique fabric, many people will not even know you are carrying an Ankara fabric bag. Most Ankara laptop bags are padded to protect your laptops.

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