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Questions And Answers On Men's Fashion Sense.

Good day everyone in my today's article I would be talking about Questions And Answers On Men's Fashion Sense.Kindly follow my page for more updates on Health and Fashion articles, let's be interactive.

Style is not merely about self-expression; it's also about being dressed appropriately for your environment. Think of clothes as being codes. Before anything else… understand that a big chunk of style depends on a confident attitude.When you're in sync with your sense of purpose, it sends a strong signal that affects the “aura” you give off – and even the clothes you wear.You have to be perceived as someone who can make an impact.

Don't let clothing issues get in the way of your reputation (both in and out of the office).You can improve that dress sense of yours.

So I took some questions and their answers into this article in order to focus on them and know how to use them. Below are some of the questions and answers on men's fashion:

A collage picture showing men in Nigerian traditional attire, legs with trousers and socks and a man wearing button down dress shirt.

Color of Socks;

Q. How do I choose the color of socks to wear?


The rule is simple. When wearing a suit,your socks should match your trouser color. It can also be a shade lighter or darker, but keep it close in color. If you are wearing blue jeans,chances are your shoes will either be brown or black. In this case you can wear black,navy or brown socks. The rule change for blue jeans because denim is a heavy fabric whereas wool suit fabric is not. It shifts around more frequently and creeps up when you are sitting which exposes your shoe socks and shoes.

The socks in the picture are close in colour with each trousers.

Loafers don't;

Q. Is it appropriate to pair loafers and a socks with khaki shorts?


It's not right to pair the loafers with the shirts and don't have anything to do with socks when you are sporting a pair of shorts. If you must wear short,go for a pair of sleek sandals and save the loafers for regular length pants.

Save the loafers for regular length pants.

French cuffs with casual attire;

Q. Is it appropriate to wear a button down dress shirt with jeans if it has french cuffs?


French cuffs are definitely better suited for professional business attire as opposed to casual clothing. If the shirt is white with blue then avoid pairing it with jeans or any other garments that are not business professional. White and blue dress shirts tend to be the most traditional colors for button-down work shirts. Adding a French cuff to these colors mix it's a formal traditional classic style. If you have a French cuffed shirt that is that in color then you compare it with dark denim jeans and a sport jacket or blazer with a dress shoe. This is a dressier form of casual style that may be acceptable.

A button down dress shirt with french cuffs.

Dress shoe with traditional attire;

Q. Is it proper to wear a dress shoe on Nigerian traditional attire?


The Nigerian kaftan and baban riga has its own fitting and style and depending on the trouser cut. In most cases, half pointed shoes give fitting to the attire. Also full body pointed palm shoes can do the trick. Tod shoes have been seen to look elegant on the outfit that has a slim straight trouser cut. Avoid wearing casual shoes like sneakers and Toms on traditional attire.

A dress shoes on a stool.

Picture showing different Nigerian traditional attire.

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Thank you!

May Allah Grant us more health and more blessed years ahead.

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