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Clothing Styles that Hide Your Protruding Stomach

One of the concerns of many women when it comes to styling is belly fat. No matter how minute, no woman wants to walk around with a bulging stomach while other features are accentuated. While some women wish to hide their stomachs to increase their dating chances, others do it themselves. Thankfully, there are simple styles you can wear to conceal your stomach and make you focus on the task for the day.

Find out more in this guide.

1. Wrap dress

A wrap top or gown is wrapped around the body with one side across another side. The style usually features ties that wrap around the waist for the wearer to knot. This style can make your waist slimming without revealing your big belly.

2. Loose top

Concealing your stomach means not wearing clothes that can emphasize it. Tight-fitting dresses or tops announce your belly, and that can be embarrassing, especially when people ask if you are pregnant when you are not. The best is to look for a loose and stylish outfit.

3. High-waist trouser

Low-rise jeans stop at the top of your hips, leaving out the stomach in the cold. Instead, wear high-waist jeans, which tend to flatten any extra flesh from the waist. High waist jeans are a perfect way to tuck in your belly.

4. Jackets and kimono

Jackets, long sweaters, and kimonos are suitable for covering up the flesh. Besides, they also suit many occasions, whether formal or business casual. You layer your jackets over a skirt, jeans, shorts, and so on.

5. Flare skirts

Even with a tight-fitting or turtleneck top, flare skirts can hide your belly from the world. The cloth is designed to sit directly on your waist while providing enough flare to cover things up. You can wear a flare gown or top as well.

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