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Pictures of the First Invention of Television Sets, Toilet Paper and Other Machines That Are Amazing

Right from time human beings have always looked for ways to make living easier for themselves and their community.

This has made them to crack their brains and try to figure out how to invent machines that will make some activities easier for everyone.

Here are some first version of the many many inventions that geniuses or people with enough luck have managed to create. This has therefore paved the way for the younger generation to make an easy living.

1. Television Sets

The first of TV's to be mass produced was in Germany in 1934. It was basically a wooden box with a tiny screen that projected fuzzy images.

2. Washing Machine

The first Washing Machine was patented in 1851. It was operated by means of a hand crank. Nowadays at the press of a button, your washing machine is already working.

3. Socks

Egyptians have been wearing socks as far back as 3rd century AD. The strange gap is due to the fact that they wear sandals with the socks. This article of clothing is now very important in our daily lives.

4. Drills

Those in construction will appreciate this piece of invention. The manual drill has been in existence since ancient Rome. Electric drills were invented in the mid 19th century.

5. Life jacket

This invention has saved many life's in the seas. Kudos to the brain behind this. However looking at these pictures, life jackets have come a long way from the first inventions.

6. Roller skates

The first one was invented in 1743 and they were almost impossible to use. Infact later designs did not present much of an improvement. But modern designs are more suitable for that kind of sport.

7. Calculators

8. Hard drive

9. Toilet paper10. Camera

11.Cooking Stove12. Cars

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