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How to make your own DIY body wash

What is Body wash?

Can be known as shower gel or shower cream but generally we call it body wash and 

it is a liquid products used for cleansing of the body

Body wash has many advantages over normal soaps because 

1. It is less irritating to the skin 

2. Does not leave a mineral residue on the skin after usage

Ingredients use for BODY WASH

Castile soap(but liquid)    1cup

Raw Honey   1/2

Coconut Oil   1/2

Eucalyptus Essential Oil    20drops

Orange Essential Oil   20drops 

Grapeseed Oil or you can use lemon oil(Essential) It depends on your choice   20drops

Vitamin E  2teaspoons

I mean 1/2 cup

Procedure on how to make your Body wash 

Scoop coconut oil into microwave safe bowl and heat on medium setting for for 30 secs. Or u may use double boiler ( just make sure it is melted)

Add Honey  all Essential oil and vitamin E in a bowl and whisk together then add your melted coconut oil in and whisk together 

Add Castile soap slowly while stirring gently while adding

Make sure you stir well ( stirring is very important in making any kind or soap) 

And your soap is ready to use

Castile soap is sold in market 

It is sealed up in a container.

Content created and supplied by: durukaosi (via Opera News )

Coconut Oil Eucalyptus Orange


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