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This is pathetic! You need to see what happened to this great supermodel

Being a model is one of the things that almost every lady of nowadays have been aiming to achieve. But It sad to know what eventually happened to this onetime famous supermodel as she did not end well with her modeling career.

The story of this beautiful model, Suzy Perez, serves as an absolute discouragement for those intending to become great models or those who choose modeling career.

The story of Suzy Peres..... Suzy was one of the hottest urban supermodels and a talented dancer of the 90's, she had performed in so many musical videos as a good dancer during her time.

She also worked with J.Lo and Diddy with many other big names of today. She signed to a huge modeling agency and while under contract Suzy was tortured, raped and drugged multiple times... Now a drug addict, left homeless, helpless and roaming on the street.

Though, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but the fact that we should all understand is that not all glitters are gold. This worldly fashion leads to destruction.

We should be very careful in our decision making because this life is controlled by devil and his coherence, that why the Bible warns us, says "You Are IN THE WORLD AND NOT OF THE WORLD".

See Suzy Peres' photos below!

This is a great lesson to some celebrities who think they have gone above the sky and feel proud and rude! no one knows tomorrow.

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