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How To Care For Your Shoes

People invest fortunes in shoes and accessories with the hope that it withstands tough seasons and appreciate in value. But on the contrary, shoes fade, accessories fade and they tend to lose value without our consent if they are not well taken care of.

15 Easy and Cheap Ways to Take Care of Your Shoes / Bright Side

Some other people will keep their favorite shoes on top of the closet or even in the rarest part of the closet with the intention that they will be well preserved there for their next use. The sad truth is not all shoes appreciate the heat and moisture. We just need to learn to understand the situation around it. You can have your shoes looking all as new as when you got them spiffy all year long!

In this article, I’ll list out the most common ways you can achieve that;

1. Scrub your shoes as soon as they get soiled without keeping them for the next Wear before you wash them.

2. Do it regularly, cleaning your shoes can be easier with cleaning kits and it won’t make you feel lazy. There you can have the sole taps invented to protect the pointy side of your shoes.

How to Take Care of Your Shoes

3. Understand the washing technique for your pair of shoes, you can’t scrub a suede the way you will scrub shoes made of fabric, and also try to focus on the insoles.

4. Soles are the point of contact to absorbing dirt, and digging on the internet you will find excessive methods to keep the sole area clean always.

How to take care of your shoes this monsoon | NewsBytes

5. The Newspaper is an affordable hack in keeping your shoes in good shape for a long time, when you stick newspapers inside them, it helps to wick out moisture and even odor from accumulating in them.

6. Soles of shoes are easier and cheaper to replace than buying a new pair of shoes. My mom thought me about this, and It has worked well to save me money when my shoes are worn out. Try to repair your shoes instead of rushing to buy new ones.

I hope you have found these tips useful and practice them to keep your shoes in good condition all year round. Don’t forget these are just the common techniques and there’s are still a lot more out there.

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