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5 Ways Women Can Wear Dress Shirts To Look Stylish

Dress shirts are widely considered to be more of men's clothing, but the evolution of fashion has made women find ways to style these type of shirts into something they can also wear.

The versatility of the normal button down dress shirt is really outstanding, it has the potential to be the most multipurpose piece of clothing in a women's closet.

1) Tie it into a crop top

You don't have to be a professional stylist to do this simple trick of turning your normal dress Shirts into a crop top. Simply unbutton the shirt, then tie it a little above the waist and you are good to go.

2) Belt it

This is a simple trick that is quite popular and never goes out of style, a long dress shirt can be belted up around the waist to make it look more eye catching.

3) Oversized and Shorts

There is no need to throw away a dress shirt simple because it is oversized, there are still ways you can pair up an oversized dress shirt with a short jeans or skirt. To add more class to the look, you can accessories to your taste.

4) Hang from shoulders

This style is achieved by unbuttoning the top 2 or 3 buttons of a dress shirt and sliding it off your shoulders.

5) Dress shirts and Ankara

These days, people wear outfits that has mixture of European styles with Ankara made clothes. Dress shirts and Ankara isn't an exception, this two can also be combined perfectly.

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