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Opinion: How to get any man's attention

Take it from me sis you need these tips on how to get any man you want. All you need to do is read apply and follow it and you are good to go.

1. Play hard to get but not too hard.

Most men like to get what they feel they cannot have. The moment you are unavailable to him...damn he wants you. Now you don't want to throw him off completely by been totally unavailable . give him a hint that you want him but not just now.

2. Appearance

Men are visual creatures. They are intrigued by what they see. Baby if you wanna get that man look good and smell good. Do your hair wear cute outfits (you don't have to show your body parts) put on a nice perfume,brush your teeth and do your make up.

3. Be cool

Now don't ever show no man that you are insecure or you really like him or have very low self esteem. No don't do that be cool. Talk to him and don't appear shy cause you don't want him to know that you already have a thing for him.

4. Body contact

And lastly honey body contact is one of the most helpful tips. Now I'm not saying you go down on him or sexually harass him. But try to touch him on his shoulder,arms,face and thighs with the tip of your fingers.

So girls I hope this helps you win your man over. Please comment,follow and also tell me what you think. Love y'all.

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