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Here Is How Fashion Designers Can Combine Ankara And Chiffon Fabrics

Ankara can be combined with so many types of fabrics like lace, cotton, and linen, but our focus would be on chiffon fabric. 

You can look beautiful and admirable when you pair your ankara with chiffon material, and I'll tell you how you can achieve that, whether you are a tailor or you just want to make the clothes for yourself.

There are basically three ways of combining the two fabrics, and they are:

1. Use the chiffon to sew the sleeves, then the Ankara to make the body of the cloth. You need to be very careful when applying this method. You need to make sure the chiffon fabric is well attached to the sleeves. You can design the sleeves any way you wish. They could be puffed, tight, long or short. 

2. The chiffon can also be added to the waist and neck parts.

3. Finally, you can make the full gown with only chiffon and then add some Ankara fabrics to any part of the outfit.

Don't forget to add the necessary accessories in order to increase the beauty of the outfits. You can wear a head wrap and beads.

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