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Best hairstyles for different face shapes

It is one thing to love a particular hairstyle you saw on the internet and it is another thing for the hairstyle to fit your face perfectly. Ever wondered why a hairstyle would look chic on another person and quite clumsy when you wear it? That is certainly because you do not know/ understand your face shape, and well if you do, you have not done proper research on the best hairstyle that fits you. For this reason, I have done extensive research and below is a list of hairstyles for different face shapes:

Oval Face Shape:

The face length is longer than its width and the chin is narrow. An oval face shape will not want a hairstyle that would make the face look taller or longer. Almost any hairstyle would go with this face shape. Good hairstyles to rock include:

short bob,

Fulani braids

Ghana weaves

Box braids

Front fringe

Square Face Shape:

The square shape has the most prominent jawline. You need hairstyles that make your face appears less strong. Hairstyles to try out are;

long curls

sideways fringe

multiple layers

short skull cap.


High bun

Diamond Face Shape:

This face shape has wide cheekbones, a small pointed chin and a hairline that peaks at the top centre of a narrow forehead. The hairstyle aims at shortening the appearance of the cheeks. This beautiful hairdo will work perfectly well for the diamond face shape.

_Chic bob with side-swept bang

_volumized updo with side-swept bang

_Medium length with side parting

_Thick fringe with waves

_Pixie style

Rectangular face shape:

The oblong face, also known as rectangular face shape is longer than the square face shape. The best hairstyle suitable for this face shape is one that prevents a too narrow edge and also shortens the face length.

Some hairstyles for rectangular face shape are listed below:


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