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Reasons Why You Should Put A Chalk In Your Wardrobe, That Will Save You Alot Of Laundry Work.

There is nobody who love to open their wardrobe and be met with a nasty smell. Have you already put all your winter clothes in the wardrobe? Then you will want them to come out Fresh and clean when you want to wear them again, instead of musty and damp, you can make sure those things happens with this little trick. All you have to do is to put a bit of chalk board into your wardrobe.

Putting chalk inside your wardrobe may sound a little bit weird but I bet it with you it will get rid of musty smells and it fact it will keep it clean and in perfect shape.

Direction :

Get a transparent, fabric little bag and place about eight pieces of chalk inside it. Attach it to a clothing hanger and put it in between the items of clothing in your closet.

But you may want to ask that why is it that a piece of chalk can combat the musty smell in your wardrobe? This has to do with the absorbing quality of chalk. It absorb all the musty smells as soon as you drop it inside the wardrobe.

Thanks this piece of trick will save you alot of laundry work.

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