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Rules Guiding Native Wears for Men

Traditional men need to look their best to make a lasting impression on anyone who cares to look. That means not just wearing your native wear, but appearing astonishing and elegant. As such, certain rules guide native wear, you need to follow.

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If you don't follow these rules, you are really not different than others, and I am certain you want to stand out in your Agbada.

1. Trouser

Your trousers should not be too tight or too loose. Instead, it should fit you. Also, ensure the trouser length reaches the top of your shoes and not after or before.

2. Footwear

Avoid wearing a dress or formal shoes or lace-up shoes with your native. Drop the formality! It's the weekend! It is best to go for boat shoes, moccasin, and loafers. 

3. Socks

Absolutely no! Socks don't belong to shoes on native clothes, unless you cherish a clown look. If you must wear one, go for half and not the ankle.

4. Sneakers 

This is not the time to make any statement. Canvas or sneakers shouldn't be close to native wear. It just doesn't work.

5. Slippers

Unless you are on a casual vibe, you shouldn't wear slippers, no matter how expensive it is with natives when you are going for weddings, naming, and other grand events.

6. Wristwatch

Stick to a dress or simple leather, gold, or silver wristwatch. Also, you can try a bracelet. Avoid sports watches with many details.

7. Belts

Your tailor knows this, but do you? Belts don't belong to native wear, period!

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