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Types of women men run away from

Things have changed. Unlike the old conventional African society wherein marriages had been prepares as quickly after the sex of one changed into decided, nowadays one has a risk to choose for them selves. There are myths and misconceptions, and additionally perceptions approximately girls even though handiest few had been proved to be proper. Most guys have found out to fear or run far from women with the traits beneath.

If you are among those not yet married, perhaps these scared men away.


Women are expected to speak greater than guys. They tendency to provide concrete information specially when talking to person's of the identical gender. Men run far away from ladies who communicate a lot especially throughout an argument or stressful something. It is thought that they're dangerous and can embarrass you in public area.

With waist rings

This is shocking however it's far the reality in line with men. They consider those ladies who have waist rings have a few hidden agenda a frequently associated with witchcraft. According to men, if a woman needs her beauty to be noticed, she ought to place earrings and bands brazenly to be visible and sought after. One stated that falling for such ladies is like kufunga maisha yako.

The hand and neck are there for such embellishes.


An untidy female is an enemy of friendship. How does it sense hugging a person who smells like he goat? It even does not attract a man to provide you the whole love you count on. When you skip a round people they begin nicknaming you and associating with you dust. No guy I repeat, no man will spend more than three minutes closer to you.


This is a group of girls who can be differentiated from the relaxation of the organization. They aren't slay queens however simply perform in their very own magnificence. They speak much less and hate speak me approximately mindless subjects.They like being approached with respect unlike others who every time they hear a whisper they stand.

Men worry due to the fact they can be rejected 

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