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Classy Gowns You Can Wear To Special Events.

While compiling this article I suddenly started to remember a whole lot of events some funny some not so funny well one thing about all this event that came to mind is the fact that they are related to wardrobe malfunction stories and if you are the type that not what it means to suffer a wardrobe malfunction you will never pray for it to happen to you again or at all as the case may be.

Wardrobe malfunction often brings shame and can make the one who suffers heat look like a fool or like a typical idiot in case that happened to you before you know how it works you combine a + b thinking that it will give you see but unfortunately maybe by mistake or because you have been out for a long while and you are not involved you are trying to combine a little bit of c and d and when the result will come out it was a which doesn't even add up to the latest trend fashion and style of the moments are the particular points.

Well back to the stories which I said I remembered they were stories of malfunction to wardrobe and however I will share one of it and it goes tossed. Once there was a friend of mine would love to be involved and do a whole lot of things she love the latest fashion the latest hair the latest clothes the latest trousers the latest jewelries should use the latest are not just likes or is I get attracted to latex but this was a cooler friend named Sandra is a trendy and beautiful looking socialites however one thing happen at a particular time in office it was a good news but with his one side effects actually koma Sandra was given a double promotion in an office and this means she had to fit a very big show and wouldn't have time to go out as she used to do as usual at first it started with her not being able to meet up with the Friday nights angles with the girls and then he soon graduated to always saying oh baby please babes will see some other time I don't have time I have extra work to do well as all these complaints were going on Sandra career was booming while I socialize was going down or not to her. Well things went at it will go and one thing led to the other so Sandra got the ring of her job and she became the master of it all I have she had forgotten how to socialize and doesn't even know the latest trend trend in wall but just at the moment where she announces that she was free to go out and socialize the weekend which happened to the next day was the next available event of which are friends and crew at the wedding said they wouldn't mind hanging around with them cuz they were unhappy because she couldn't make it for a long time now well so I'm finally went out with her friend to the next day and when she was about going something struck it was too much excitement for all her friends and so none of us could check or look at what was happening to addressing or no it was while we went out Sandra and all her friends realised that not only has Sandra suffered a wardrobe malfunction but she has also successfully ring the shoes which she was wearing as a result of shame which she couldn't because almost everybody at the event wants to see what was happening to the lady who survived the malfunction wardrobe well the rest is history but we ended up the day with so much laughter. we have brought you this classic gowns which you can wear to special event and hope you never suffered a wardrobe malfunction cos we love you thank you if you have any story concerning your wardrobe malfunction stories you can add it in the comments section

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