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"Both MERCY and TACHA Lack Basic Talents. None is Superior to Each Other" - Female Blogger said!

A Female blogger known as Mavis Ishanqueen has taken to her social media page to condemn both Tacha and Mercy of BBNaija of Pepper Dem Gang saying they both lack talents. She also explained further that no one is copying each other but they are only acting within their capabilities.

Mavis Ishanqueen wrote:


"When you stan, stan with sense. Know your idol's strengths and weaknesses and understand that there is a limit to what they can do and the areas of businesses that they can explore.

Tacha and Mercy don't have any talents.

They cannot act, sing, or dance. They cannot write, speak, compose music, or churn our revolutionary ideas. They are merely pretty women that were made famous overnight by a reality show. They are the Kardashians of Nigeria. They are famous, they are making money, but they are not making any impact.

Ask yourself: what can Tacha do that Mercy cannot do? And what can Mercy do that Tacha cannot do? The truth is that both women are so devoid of any talents that the only kinds of businesses that they can do are the businesses that people, like them, who are famous for no reason can do advertisements, fashion, and beauty.

All a company needs is someone with influence to sell their products. They needn't you to come with plenty of skills or talents. Just have a huge fan-base, and be attractive, and they will come running to you. That's the same reason why people still use Bobrisky and Tonto as their ambassadors despite all the controversy that surrounds them. There are, of course, serious brands that care about the image of the person representing them and that will never hire these lots to promote their products, but as far as getting endorsement goes, these famous for being famous kind of people will always find someone who is willing to pay them to wear their clothes, wigs, jewelry, makeup.

Fashion is another area that anybody can tap into, as you do not need to be a fashion designer to have a clothing line.

That is why every celebrity can create a fashion line. All they have to do is hire someone to do the sketches, find a factory to sew the pieces, and stamp their name on the pieces.

The same discourse applies to the beauty industry. Is Kylie Jenner an expert in makeup? Does she know the chemical components of a makeup product? Does she know the steps to create something as simple as an eye shadow? No, she doesn't. But she has a name for her and a huge fan-base. And voila. She created a beauty line and made a shitload of money.

It only becomes sketchy when these celebrities try to tap into an art, like singing, acting, or writing. Kim Kardashian has tried her hand at acting, but she never became a movie star. Even her book, which was, in reality, a photo-book, has been listed.

To conclude, if you want your idol to be unique and engage in something unique that nobody else can easily replicate, then stan someone that is uniquely talented.

Otherwise, hold your peace, and watch them do something that any famous person can literally do if they have enough influence to pull it off."

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