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4 Types of Cap Every Nigerian Man Should Own

Caps are essential accessories that complete the outfit of a classy man. They are now so popular that it is hardly impossible to see a Nigerian man without one at events. Aside from complementing clothes, caps can be highly functional for many purposes. For instance, caps can help you out if your hair is not done, or you can use them to cover up your receding hairlines. You don’t have to have the whole caps in the world in your wardrobe. A few important ones are enough.

Check out the following caps every man should have.

1. Fedora hats

A fedora hat can turn your outfit into an elegant one in a matter of seconds. The cap is produced out of felt, and it features a wide brim with its crown pitched. The standard colors of the fedora hat include black, grey, and dark brown, but you can have other colors. This hat can be styled with your senator outfit, casual wear, or office wear.

2. The Southeast cap

Classy men from the southeast side mostly wear this cap, but it is not strange to see it on other men as it oozes confidence and makes a man classy. Like other caps, it comes in different colors, but black and red are more common—this cap suit mostly traditional outfits.

3. The Yoruba cap - fila

Fila’ means cap in Yoruba land. Fila is usually produced with cotton, Aso Oke fabric, damask, and velvet. The hat is used to complete Ankara up and down and Agbada at parties, especially wedding ceremonies. Both young and old also wear it in different ways and styles.

4. The Hausa cap

The Hausa cap is traditionally called Fula. The caps are won with native top and trousers or with Hausa Baban Riga. Unlike Fila, which is mainly worn on special occasions, People wear the Hausa cap as everyday wear.

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