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50 Protective Natural Hairstyles for you

Protective Natural hairstyles are used to describe hairstyle that prevents the hair from breaking and allow the hair to grow fast and healthy.

The protective hairstyles requires very little daily upkeep and they help the hair strands to stay moisturized.

There are different types of protective natural hairstyles that can be braided. Among the available hairstyles are the flat twist, short twist, cornrows, short braids, beaded braids, low twisted bun, sleek bun, space bun and many more.

The short twist is a protective natural hairstyle which is designed by taking a section of the hair from the root, dividing it into two and twisting the section all the way to the end of the hair. They are relatively easy to make and maintain.

Another type of protective hairstyles os the cornrows. Unlike the short twist protective natural hairstyles, the cornrows are designed by starting from the front of the head and taking a section of the hair, dividing it into three and braiding it together into one.

Below are 50 Protective Natural Hairstyles for you:

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