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12 Fashion Tips All Ladies Need To Know

We've all wished we could avoid those wardrobe disasters. The internet is littered with bizarre but remarkably effective fashion life hacks.

12. Use a paper clip to conceal your bra straps.

Don't run to the nearest lingerie shop just because you bought an open shoulder dress and don't have a strapless bra. Take a paper clip and thread one strap through one end and the other through the other. You can transform any bra size into a racerback in minutes with this simple trick!

11. Don't let your underwear show.

Even the most beautiful dress can be ruined by showing panty lines. Use specially made shapewear to achieve a sleek and seamless look that not only hides your underwear but also highlights your best aspects. For ladies who want to get rid of pantylines completely but aren't ready to go commando, unique strapless panties might be a good choice.

10. To get rid of fuzz balls, shave your sweater.

To transform your aged cardigan look spanking new, lightly massage it with a razor blade (we suggest using one for facial hair) to remove all the fuzz. However, try to be cautious and stop ripping your clothing!

9. Fill your running shoes with baking soda.

If you're always dealing with shoe odor, this trick will help you solve the issue easily and cheaply. Put baking soda in your shoes overnight, wrapped in a thin piece of cloth. You can also add a little quantity of baking soda into your shoes, but don't add baking soda directly into suede or leather shoes because it will make them weak.

8. To avoid jewelry knots, use a plastic drinking straw.

Disentangling your jewelry can be a time-consuming and frustrating job. However, if you use this easy method, traveling will become much easier. Simply take a disposable drinking straw, unlatch your necklace chain, loop the chain through the sticks, and reclasp it. By simultaneously cutting the straw, you can change its thickness.

7. Get gum out of your clothes.

Don't let gum destroy your flawless ensemble! Simply cool the gum with an ice cube before flicking it off with a butter knife. Since gum reacts rapidly to temperature changes, this hack works wonderfully. Remember that attempting to scrub or chip it off would just make things worse!

6. Use ketchup to clean silver jewelry.

We understand that this hack can appear to be absurd, but it actually works. Wiggle your ketchup onto a smooth strip of fabric and rub it onto your jewelry, then wipe it away. Your jewelry will gleam brighter than ever before!

5. Keep your hat free of makeup smudges.

Fans of hats will appreciate this hack. Take sticky padding and stick it to the full backs of the hat to prevent your hat from being ruined by cosmetics from your forehead. This easy trick will keep the cloth from getting dirty and will keep your hat from leaving irritating marks on your forehead.

4. Keep your bra in place with Scotch tape.

When you haven't a decent bra size to wear under a tank top, double-sided tape can come in handy. Insert a portion of tape on your back's bra strap, then push your clothes against it. You can even use it to hold your bra in place on the side of your breasts if it's a little too big for you.

3. Use beeswax to waterproof your shoes.

This hack will come in handy if you're constantly irritated by soaking wet shoes. Take fully dry leather soled shoes, rub honey into them, and then work it in with a hair dryer. Please note that scrubbing the shoes will prevent them from breathing, so avoid wearing them in hot weather.

2. To stretch your tight shoes, put them in the freezer.

Simply fill ziplock packs with water, force out all the air, and seal them to stretch your tight shoes. Then stuff these packets into your pockets, stick them in the fridge, and wait for the fresh water to freeze solid. Now try on the shoes and make sure they fit properly, and continue the cycle if necessary.

1. Use nail polish to hide a ring's green marks.

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