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For Tailors: How to Create Elegant Designs for Your Customers

The reason why we all send our materials to tailors is simply because we want to look very attractive, but unfortunately, sometimes we still end up with fashion designers who don't really know how to make elegant and good looking clothes because they do not have the basic idea on how to sew nice clothes.


I'll list out some very simple and practical ways to follow if you really want to create elegant and classy designs for your customers. 

1. Start by picking the most attractive fabric. You won't be able to give an elegant style to your clients if the fabric used in making the outfits are not looking attractive.

2. Be very careful when fixing the side pockets, collars, necklines and sleeves; these four parts are very vital in every native attire. In order to make the outfit appear very attractive and elegant, it's better to add another type and color of fabric to the sleeves, front and back pockets, necklines and collar areas. 

3. The collar of the attire should be properly fixed if you really want the attire to look elegant and stylish.

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