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5 minutes DIY Rosemary Face Toner for Oily Skin

Do you know that face toner can be the only skin care products that is standing between you and your glowing natural beauty, so get a face toner that will fit your skin type or just make one. It is a 5 minutes DIY that comes with great result.

What is a face toner?

A face toner is one of the most helpful product that gives that extra cleansing after applying heavy chemicals on your face, such as make up and sun screen. Face toner is a very important product for oily skin which ate prone to blemishes and acne.

Benefits of a face toner

1. It help shrink pores. Oily skin possess enlarged pores which causes excess sebum production, so use a face toner to make those pores smaller giving your skin a smooth appearance.

2. A face toner refreshes the skin, because it help clean excess oil and dirt from the pores, it gives your skin a smooth and glowing appearance.

3. It aid skin protection, a face toner should be applied after your face have been washed, the water used for washing the face might contain chlorine which can be absorbed by your pores, so apply a face toner and get rid if the chlorine from your face.

4. It acts like a moisturizer, it helps balance the moisture content of your skin.

5. Face toner aid grooming because it contains glycolin acid that can help prevent in grown hair.

How to make a rosemary face toner.

* 1 tablespoon of witch hazel distillate ( hastrogen), which help to tighten the pore.

* 5 drops of rosemary floral water.

* 54g of Distilled water.

* 1g of Broad spectrum preservative.

* 2 drop of glycerin.

* Apple cider vinegar.

* Spraying bottle.


* Sterilize your cup or bowl with an apple cider vinegar and clean with a tissue paper.

* Pour in your distilled water and add glycerin, stir properly.

* Add your rosemary floral water and stir properly.

* Add in your witch hazel distiller ( hastrogen) and stir properly.

*Add in the broad spectrum preservative but if it is not available place in fridge immediately.

* Turn inside a sterilized spray bottle


The face toner can only be used for justvone week after the day of production.

Now you have known how to make the rosemary face toner, add it to your skin care products and you will see a lot of changes on your skin.

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Oily Skin Rosemary Face Toner


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