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How To Smell Perfume In A Store

Have you finally made the decision to change your scent? I guess the plethora of scents on display at the store counter will overwhelm you. And when they all start to smell the same during your sniff test, it's enough to make a lady give up and revert to her old standby.

Fear not: This article will show you how to properly test perfume.

This Is What You Should Do:

Spray fresh fragrances onto those small trial papers while trying them out. Take a deep breath and inhale deeply. Instead of plunging your face in a vat of coffee beans to clear your nasal passages, sniff the inside of your arm. After that, move on to the next scent.

Why It Works:

Because your skin has no odor, sniffing it in between spritzes diffuses any fragrances left in your nose and making it simpler to distinguish between different odours.

Kindly share this important technique with any person.

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