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Tips to buy big healthy Ram before big sallah (Eid up adha)

Eid ul adha popularly called big sallah is in a few weeks and we Muslim faithful have made it an obligation the slaughtering and sacrificing of Ram. Buying Ram in the animal market can be very tricky as some ram might appear big and healthy but eventually when slaughtered they shrink to a very small size.

Here are some tips and what to look out for when buying ram to make sure you get a very big ram and optimum value for your money (some ram might appear big but they are actually small and covered with excessive hair);

1. The head carriage

 the head should be held hight on the ram. This have to do with the neck carriage on the ram, the neck must be broad, and sit symmetrically on the shoulders, and the base of the neck should be in the same line with the Rams spine.The muzzle(nostril) must be as broad as possible.

2. The body

Big Rams comes with long body, this actually means that the ram will hold more meat than a ram with a short hairy body. The spine should show sign of being muscular.

3. The legs

The ram should have strong and very sturdy legs, no bends or bow-leg. All the Rams limbs must straight and in direct proportion to the size of the body.

4. Topline(back)

The 'topline' is the back of the ram to be bought. It have to be straight but some specie of ram have a slight bent back and a relaxed back.

5. The ribs area

The Rams ribs Should have rib extension as much as possible, this means the middle area will be large which adds more muscle to the animal. The muscle should be symmetrical throughout the animal, from neck downward. 

6. Finally try lifting the animal to determine it's weight for it's size, you should be a good judge.

Here are tips to follow when buying ram to make sure you purchase a healthy animal because it is stated even in the hadith that we should make sure the animal to be sacrificed is hale and hearty;

1.   The Ram should eat well and move about actively even in the market.

2.   The eye socket must be pink (dull ones indicate problems).

3.   No abnormal watery discharge from any orifice of the body.

4.   The animal should not be coughing or sneezing.

5.   The hair must not be standing up.

6.   The animal should be breathing well without difficulty.

7.   The area around the anus must not be dirty as this might be a sign of diarrhea and watery faeces.

Some might appear healthy but actually have an underlying ailment that can be life threatening and might make us lose them even before the final day of Sallah, personally I have had this experience of my ram dying a day to sallah day.

The tips above are used by Agriculturists and animal scientists when purchasing animals, they are methods proven to get great value for money.

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