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General Tips For Sleeping With Tight Braids

A tight braid can be discouraging to the extent that you might want to think about getting rid of it. The pain is usually more difficult to manage when it's time to sleep.

Once you’ve spent a lot of time and money on your tight braids, you want to keep them looking as good as possible knowing that they could be damaged when you go to bed. 

Here are the best ways to sleep with tight braids:

- Make use of silk pillows.

Silk pillows will give your new hair anti-aging benefits. They are breathable and work to maximize the moisture in your skin and entire hair. You won't feel a lot of pain even with your tight braid when you use a soft pillow.

You won't wake up with a single line indented in your face from the pillow.

-Do not forget to use the right hair ties;

scrunchies, hair ties, or even bobbles. It doesn’t really matter what name you choose to call them, just make sure you use the right ones in order to sleep well in tight braids.

Do not use the ones that have metal clasps or tags. They’ll only end up causing breakages and wreak havoc on your new braid.

-Pease make sure you do not soak your braids or sleep with damp hair. Human hair is more prone to breakage when wet, and sleeping with wet braids will only make your tight braid get old even before you get the money to make another one



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