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How To Make Bar Soap And Make Money From It

Soap is produced by the saponification or hydrolysis of fat and oil or triglycerides. In this process, the fat and oil (triglyceride) is reacted with a strong base such a sodium or potassium hydroxide to produce glycerol and fatty acids salt. Saponification literally means 'soap making' from the root word 'sapo', which is Latin for soap. 

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In this article, I'll be showing you how to make bar soap so you'll be able to make money from it. 

These are the raw materials you'll need

1. Fat or Oil : These are some oil- palm kernel oil, Argan oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Palm oil, olive oil etc.

2. Caustic Soda - This is highly corrosive and can cause injury to the skin so care should be taken when handling it in either solution or powder form.

3. Soda Ash

4. Sodium sulphate

5. Sodium silicate

6. Aluminium sulphate

7. Perfume

8. Colorant (oil soluble) : Use the colorant you like, it gives the soap color

If you're producing on a large scale, you'll need these equipments

• Hydrometer - For measuring the density of the soap chemical in the solution.

• Mixer and Boiler - For mixing the chemicals into the solution and boiling the solution as well.

• Mould - For solidifying and giving the soap shape when dry.

• Cutting Machine - For cutting soap into sizes

• Stamping Machine - For stamping your brand name band trade mark on the soap

• Safety Wears - For protection of the skin eg hand gloves, coats and boots

The Procedure :

Step 1: Put the oil in a metal drum or mixer and warm it. Add the oil soluble colorant and stir until it's uniform. Drop the mixer from heat.

Step 2: Add caustic soda to the solution and stir to blend.

Step 3: Add soda ash and stir to blend.

Step 4: Add sodium sulphate and stir to blend.

Step 5: Perfume and stir to blend.

Step 6: Add sodium silicate and stir to blend, sodium silicate hardens up the solution quickly.

Step 7: Pour the thick liquid soap formed into the mould and leave for 12 hours to 24 hours for proper solidification. 

Step 8: Remove the solidified soap from the mould and cut into any shape you desire.

Give it a nice and attractive package/branding so it'll get people's attention if you want to sell.

I'll be posting how to make liquid soap next so follow me for more posts.

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