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South East: Reactions as a dot in a circle T-Shirt is produced.

After president Buhari was accused of saying that lgbos are Dot in Nigeria's map, people have taking time to narrate the supposed meaning of the statement, Afenifere and Ohaneze Ndi lgbo have reacted effectively.

As of today the people of South East Nigeria, who are well known for their entrepreneurship spirit and business power has used the opportunity to create an art work show. While some are busy insulting one another on the statement, some brilliant lgbo sons have used the opportunity in advancing their business empire.

They have already produced wears with the inscription of a circle and a dot on it. Even though there was no any explanation on the wears, but the sign speaks louder than words and explanation. As soon as the products were showcased on the internet, people have admired to get the wears for use, infact it's going to be bought by many as soon as the wears is brought into market.

See Reactions below:

Real 4 5010 : l am Hausa man l so much love this T Shirt, l need two.

Ngodoo from Abule : Most resilience Tribe, Abeg make una give me lgbo name.

Hasfat - l love lgbo people.

Jo guns - Creative Nigeria

Moore Engineers. - The circle is obviously nothing without a dot.

John Chukwuebuka Onu - You can't cage us even when you think you are pushing them to the wall, we see it as an opportunity, Buhari think harder to provoke the South East.

Source Sahara reporters.

What's your take on this creative products, are you one of those who will get the products for use, like, share and comment on this article.

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