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Skin Care

The Best Way To Clean Your Private Part After Sex

Due to the energy dissipated following a s£xual activity, most people tend to fall asleep, or feel lazy to stand up for a wash up. After a thorough session of intimacy with your partner, it is only advisable that you get up at all cost to wash up so as to prevent bacteria from spreading. This will only help lower any risk of infection, and maintain coolness in your body generally.

If you stick with me throughout this piece, I intend to disclose some of the best ways to clean up yourself after a s£xual activity. Below are ways to do so according to reports from Medicalnewstoday.

Firstly, you need to consciously make an attempt to stand up and wash up, since it will be impossible to wash up without first making up your mind. After getting up, consider making use of warm water to clean your private areas.

Cleaning your reproduction organs and the area generally with warm water can aid to prevent rubbing the delicate surface of the skin.

Secondly, use mild soap.

Mild soaps or body wash should be used in place of any harsh chemical soup. Harsh chemical soaps can cause irritation for the skin and this could lead to other infection.

Thirdly, wipe from front to back.

Since the urethra is delicate and more exposed to bacteria, consider wiping from front to back so as to avoid transferring bacteria from the anus to the urethra when cleaning your private area.

Fourthly, Urinating.

To flush out any standing bacteria from the urethra whenever you engage in a s£xual act, you can try to urinate for flushing to be made easy.

Fifthly, don't douche.

Risk of infection could be raised if you douche. This is because the normal bacteria balance in the private organ can be altered, so avoid douching at all cost.

Finally, use a soft and clean towel

After the whole process of cleaning, use a soft and clean towel to gently wipe your private region. Avoid rubbing too hard since it can cause skin irritation or minor injuries.

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