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Ladies: Here Are 5 Common Mistakes Made In Relation To Your Menstrual Cycle.

Period is one thing females which was avoidable, but sadly it can not be avoided because it's part of nature and God's plan. It is necessary for cleaning up the female system.

Period is a release of blood from a lady's uterus, through the vagina. It is done with the purpose of releasing tissue that is no longer needed.

In relation to periods, there are over ten mistakes ladies make while on their period and even some substance they consume might turn out to be harmful.

Below are some common mistakes in relation to periods.

1. The use of perfumed tampons and pads.

Yes, you might get attracted tampons and pads because you feel it has a nice fragrance or because it makes you feel fresh, but the truth is that it's not okay to use these kind of sanitary products as it could cause infection to the skin due to the chemicals that has been put in them.

2. Intake of medication while on period.

For example, some kind of strong pain relief drugs. Although they can be taken, but sometimes it comes with side effects such as, nausea, headaches, drowsiness, stomach problem e.t.c

3. Washing your reproductive organ with perfumed soap.

Washing your vagina with perfumed soap can make you prone to vaginal infections such as yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis by causing PH imbalance. It is preferable to wash vagina with lots of water and if at all soap is needed, it should be a perfume-free soap.

4. Using one tampon or pad for a long period of time.

This is one of the most common mistake. Most people know it's wrong, but still decide to go on walking about with one sanitary product for hours (ignorance). Tampons or pads should be changed a most every 6-8 hours to avoid getting infections easily. Don't wait until it's full.

5. Wrong way of disposing used pads.

The simplest way of disposing used pads is by separating the cotton part of the pad from the sticky part, flush the cotton part down the toilet, wash the sticky part and dispose in a bin.

Hope this was helpful!

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