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Multi-layer Necklaces You Need in Your Wardrobe.

A multi-layer necklace is like its name implies. It is a necklace with a couple of necklaces on top. It is like wearing more than one necklace but combined into one. If you have observed your surroundings, these necklaces are gradually becoming popular, and we see the reason.

The multi-layer necklaces are versatile and easy to pair with casual outfits. You can choose a silver or gold necklace or elevate your style with a mix of both. Similarly, you can wear double or triple layers with a pendant, such as a moon or a star. No matter what you choose, you will make the right statement. Check out the trendy types of multi-layer necklaces you can choose from.

Dice multi-layer necklace

This necklace features some dices as its pendant. If you want, the dice can be custom-made for you only, or you opt for the usual one which shows the real dice or a shape in the form of a dice. Also, the dice can be on only one of the layered necklaces or all the chains.

Moon pendant multi-layer necklace

This appears to be the most popular multi-layer necklace. It shows a moon-shaped pendant on the chains on the necklace. The chain also comes in gold or silver, which you can choose to blend with your outfit.

Beachy necklace

If you need to add some accessories to your beach outfit, you should consider getting these necklaces. The pendant of the necklace shows some common beach items, like palm trees, cowries, snails, crabs, and so on. It is a perfect way of showing people you are ready to enjoy the beach to the fullest.

Pearl multi-layer necklace

What you have as a pendant on this necklace are beautiful pearls. The pearls can be tiny or big, depending on your preference. Ensure your pearl necklace matches your entire outfit. For instance, you can choose off-white shoes to match the necklace.

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