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Do This To Lighten Your Face Without Expensive Creams And Chemicals.

How To Get Clear Skin on Your Face Without Expensive Creams.

This needs just four Irish potatoes. Medium-sized raw and non-chemical potatoes. I know that can seem strange to you, but within a week the process gives clear results.

I can advise you to remove the traces of acne and wrinkles on your facial skin. It naturally lightens the face 's overall skin. Another benefit is that it tightens the muscle. After applying for the first, you will feel the impact.

Thoroughly wash the potatoes with soft sponge. Do not remove the peel, it contains some skin-friendly vitamins. The vitamins and minerals in the peel improve your skin 's health. Raw potatoes contain vitamins and minerals, which is why they are also used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Fresh potatoes relax the skin and keep it well-nourished and hydrated. Men may also use it to avoid pain after the shave.

Boiled potatoes have been shown to light up. It automatically removes dark marks on the face. Boiled potatoes stretch the skin and lighten.

How to prepare potato face mask.

1. Boil the remaining two potatoes and grate them raw, including the peel.

2. Cooked potato mash. Blender or morter and pestle may be used. Attach the grated potatoes to the mixture and mix.

3. Mix until the paste is homogeneous.

4. Taking a little and store the remainder in the refrigerator, but do not store for more than a week. This is why you only need to mix four potatoes to prevent waste.

5. Apply your face with a thin layer. This gives a spaghetti look to your nose. This is recommended to apply at night before bedtime.

6. Allow the mixture to dry on your face. It takes approximately 30-40 minutes. You will feel tingling while the mixture dries on the face.

7. Wash your face after 40 minutes with clean water. The longer the mix lasts on the forehead, the clearer. But I will advise you to sit here for 40 minutes.

7. Do this for 7 days in a row and see a consistent result.

It is even safer than using toxic agents to lighten the skin.

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