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Dress Style


5 Things Your Dressing Says About You

1. You love to make statements

From bold colour mixes to irregular suits designs with patterned ties, to floral and vintage shirts, pieces of jewelry to classy, irregular shoe colours - you love to explore them all in your outfits. You always love to add some drama to your outfit to distinguish you from the crowd, if this is you, you love to make statements. 

2. You're sporty

If you're a lover of sneakers or canvas paired with jerseys, tank tops, sleeveless hoodies and shorts with a face cap to match, you may be signaling to people that you enjoy sporty activities which may be an indicator to the fact that you're sporty. 

3. You're unconventional

You hardly follow rules and love to do fashion your way. Sometimes you love to wear suits paired with sneakers one day, other times you add a hat to spice it up. Or even native attire worn with a pair of canvas occasionally? If this describes you, what your dressing says about you is that you're unconventional. 

4. You're a pacesetter

Pacesetters are people who pioneer things. If you're a pacesetter, your sense of style can showcase that because you'd always be up on fashion trends and the latest styles. You're that person all your friends and even family members go-to when it comes to fashion tips and ideas. You love to go shopping a lot because you always love to explore what's in vogue. 

5. You're clean and simple

Are you someone who loves to wear simple outfit that always give you a composed look, no drama, no statement just sticking with the basic rules of fashion? If you are, you are a clean and simple person. People like you often like to go on neutral colours or at most basic colours with your outfits. 

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