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Postpartum pressures(the need to snap back).

"I didn't marry a pregnant woman o" this is a common statement made by husbands whose wives had gained weight after giving birth, there's also societal pressure to fit in. The pressures are so high that you begin to wonder if the bundle of joy she's holding doesn't count. Some women also have to deal with stretch marks, flabby tummy, hair loss, etc. Don't let the pressure get to you, do these things:

1. Take your time to relax and breathe

2. Map out a strategy that suits you in losing weight.

3. Start with little exercises before you're strong enough for rigorous ones

4. Take your baby for a walk round the area with the stroller if you have one.

5. Eat balanced diet (because your body needs to be nourished).

6. Get your waist trainer or girdle for that tummy.

7. Be happy, for the bundle of joy you're holding is a miracle.

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