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See what People are saying as Fashion store displays clip earrings for 170,000 naira

Nigerians are currently trolling an online shopping store for displaying an ordinary clip earrings saying it costs 170,000 thousand naira to acquire.

The earrings which looks like pegs is used in pinning clothes after washing and hanging on the ropes.

Nigerians have not been sending in nice comments about the stuff saying it does not worth even one thousand naira talk more of 170, 000 naira.

Some online shops are known for there costly displaying of commodities and that has got alot of Nigerians talking and it's currently the wave of the internet right now.

Reacting to the post Nigerians said they have alot of pegs at home instead of wasting money to buy peg of 170,000 they rather take one of the ones they have and use it for earrings.

Some caption that 170,000 thousand naira is not an easy money to come by, so it will be very difficult for any one to spend as much as that for a common peg earrings.

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