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Latest ways to wear your jean trousers

Jean trousers are one of the most important outfit in some womens closet. Most women wear it for various occasions, both casual and official events.

The wardrobe almost seems incomplete without Jean trousers. No matter which attire you don up, Jeans are the most comfortable attire that fits in every occasion.

Jean trousers are very affordable and flexible to wear. It is safe to say majority of women own a pair of Jeans, making “denim” one of the most popular materials in our wardrobe today.

A grand total of 225 pairs of Jeans can be made from just one bale of cotton.

Jean trousers is one of the most worn pieces of clothing in the entire world.

In this article I will be showing you different ways to wear your Jean trousers depending on the occasion. But before then, let's look at the different types of Jean trousers available in the market.

Types of Jean trousers

1: Bell Botton Jeans

2: Low waist Jeans

3: 3D effect panel Jeans

4: Tapered Jeans

5: Cropped Jeans

6: Ripped/ Distressed Jeans

7: High Waist Jeans

8: Drop crotch Jeans

9: Sailor Jeans

10: Bush Pants

11: Slim fits

12: Joggers

13: Patched Jeans

14: Stirring Jeans

15: Wide leg Jeans

16: Pagged Jeans

17: Flared Jeans

18: Boyfriend Jeans

19: Skinny Jeans

20: Straight Jeans

21: Bootcut Jeans

Below are the latest way to wear you Jean trousers

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