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Top 4 Beauty Tips For The Rainy Season

Gone are the days when we grumbled about the hot, humid weather. The monsoon has finally arrived, but don't you agree that everything has a downside? Even if we enjoy getting soaked in the rain, we may need to be prepared for the additional challenges that come with it, such as humidity.

It's also important to look after your hair and skin during the monsoon because the humidity may be rather bothersome.

We've compiled a list of techniques for you to remember this season so you can stay fresh and gorgeous all day.

1. The idea is to moisturize and feed the skin.

These are the two most crucial elements in your beauty routine. In the monsoon, it's just as important to nourish your skin.

For the skin, you can use facial oils and moisturizing face masks. For dealing with dry and frizzy hair, you can use argon/olive oil or DIY hair masks. Once a week, use egg and honey hair masks to create frizz-free, lustrous hair.

2. Make sure your eye makeup isn't too heavy.

We females love eye makeup, but the monsoon is certainly not the best time to wear it. We recommend a basic winged liner or kohl pencil on the bottom line instead of heavy eyes.

If you want to give your eyes a little more drama, you should use a lot of mascara. In the monsoon, waterproof mascara is a must-have makeup product, so go all out.

3. Hair styling products should be avoided at all costs.

Heavy hair styling products should be avoided because they might weigh down your hair. If you want to style your hair, however, a hair serum or a few drops of coconut oil are recommended.

In the monsoon, a French braid or a high messy bun are always recommended hairstyles.

4. It's all about the makeup.

Isn't it true that you want your makeup to melt down your face? Instead of a heavy foundation, choose a waterproof/lightweight makeup like BB/CC cream to avoid this nightmare.

BB or CC creams provide adequate coverage and UV protection for the entire day. You can also carry a face mist with you for times you need some extra hydration. Stick with vivid color lipstick hues for an added punch of color and the trick for the season.

Kindly share these important beauty tips.

Content created and supplied by: Longsonkev (via Opera News )


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