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2 Reasons Why Mahogany Geter, The Pretty Girl With Big Leg, Will Keep Rising As A Fashion Model

Photo credit: Instagram - Mahogany Geter

This world is filled with different challenges which can either be a stepping stone to greatness or the other way round depending on how you see it, and Mahogany Geter is a young lady who has taken her condition as a stepping stone to her greatness.

Photo credit: Instagram - Mahogany Geter

Mahogany Geter is a young and beautiful lady from Knoxville, Tennessee in USA. She was born with the disease called Lymphedema, which is a long term condition, where excess fluid is secreted, which has affected her left leg, and causes it to swell.

Photo credit: Instagram - Mahogany Geter

She made us understand that she was bullied, called different names, advised to amputate her leg, lost her self esteem, and now she is one of the fast rising model, and we will be drawing out 2 things from her story that will keep her as a fast rising fashion model.

Photo credit: Instagram - Mahogany Geter

1. She made us understand she has been getting some vital supports from her mother and the Lymphedema Online Community which will definitely keep boosting her morale and zeal to keep seeing herself as the best of her kind, and will continue to push her to the top of the ladder of in her career.

2. She claimed to have taken her disability as her own uniqueness, which has given her a hedge over negative words, low self esteem, and that's a way to keep pushing herself towards being the best even with her condition.

Photo credit: Instagram - Mahogany Geter

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