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Bobrisky Vs American Human Ken Doll: Who Is More 'Beautiful'?

The world has been experiencing new gender trends by the day. The issue of crossdressing was formerly not a good thing in the continent of Africa.

But with the advancement of technology, globalization and a paradigm shift in modernization, things that formerly never happened in Africa and Nigeria are now happening one of which is crossing dressing.

Cross dressing is a situation whereby a man dresses fully in clothings made for women and vice versa. And one of the or even the most popular cross dresser in Africa in a Nigerian in the person of Bobrisky.

Bobrisky whose name is Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju is a controversial cross dresser and bleaching cream expert she is also a confirmed trans woman. Bobrisky knows how to dress even better than the ladies and she sure knows how to splash money on designer makeup, high heels, dresses and handbags. Bobrisky who is a bleaching cream expert was formerly dark skinned until she bleached herself to this the fair complexion we now see.

Bobrisky who now wishes to be reffered to by female pronouns, also got plastic surgery for boobs, hips, bumbum and remours have it that she also had surgery to remove 'his' nuts. A rumor he has neither confirmed nor denied. Here are photos of our beautiful Bobrisky.

Another famous Cross dresser now transgender, is Australian Justin Jedlica AKA Rodrigo Alves and popularly reffered to as The Human Ken Doll because of his looks. Alves has splased a whopping 512,784 thousand dollars in plastic surgeries procedure as at 2019 she is a plastic surgery addict . She is now referred to as Jessica Alves AKA Human Barbie Doll.

Rodrigo recently came out as trans and is now reffered to as Jessica Alves. But before coming out as trans, he had already had surgery to make his chest look like small breasts. Here are his beautiful photos before he transitioned into a female.

Check out side by side photos of Bobrisky and Human Barbie Doll.

Based on these photos who do you think 'fine pass' Our own Bobrisky or The American Human Ken Doll.

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Content created and supplied by: Shinysatellitepotiskum (via Opera News )

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