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No Money? No Worries, Get Tips On How To Learn Wig Making At Zero Cost And Earn Big!

Wigs are made of synthetic fibre, human hair and animal hair. Some people wear Wigs to disguise poor hair quality, to cover unkept hair or even to minimise cost spent on making

hair frequently and most especially most women rock Wigs because they think is fashionable and make them look good.

Hair business is taken over in fashion world, alot of people have become very successful through selling of hair extensions,wigs, hair importation, production and wig making. Every average woman out there wants to wear good hair and look gorgeous,this is why wig making is a success and have become a very reliable source of income today.

Ways To Learn Wig Making Without Incurring Cost:

✓ You can learn to make your own Wigs from well skilled hair personnel who engage in giving online tutorials on wig making.

✓ Also you can take tutorials on YouTube on wig making and how to make other kinds of hair

Materials Required For The Tutorials To Start Making Your Own Wigs.

1. Get a wig sewing machine if you can afford one but if you can't, then go ahead and learn hand made Wigs.

2 Materials for hand made Wigs:

✓ Mannequin or wig head

✓ Wig Stand

✓ Hair Extension

✓ Hair bonding glue, thread,pin, crotchet hook, needle, scissors and comb

How To Market/ Sell Your Hair Wig After Creation

1. You can sell via online market or shops

2. Another platform you can market them is through WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram to friends and family and other buyers

3. Create your own online store and sell your wigs.

Content created and supplied by: B.Kristal (via Opera News )

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