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The Different Face Shapes Women Have And The Type Of Earrings They Should Wear

Jewelry such as earrings are amazing, they add beauty to a woman's facial appearance. Earrings come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. However, every lady has a different facial structure and it is not every earring that will suit everyone. This article will provide ladies with tips on the kind of earrings that will suit their face structure.

Image credit: Allure.

1. Round Face.

Ladies who have round faces should go for dangling earrings that are long enough to reach your chin. Dangling earrings make ladies with this face type look quite gorgeous and admirable.

Image credit: E! Online.

2. Oval Face.

Large earrings are the best for women who have an oval face shape. These earrings can either be wide, round or shaped in various forms.

Image credit: Daily Scanner

3 Heart face.

If your face is shaped like a heart, you should go for dangling earrings that are narrow at the top and wider at the bottom, this kind of earring will make your face look flawless.

Image credit: Monia

4. Square face.

If you have a square face shape then you can wear earrings that are long or averagely long.

Image credit: StyleBistro.

5. Narrow face.

Ladies with a narrow face shape should wear more large-sized hoop earrings, or earrings with a lot of clusters and designs.

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