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7 Body Parts You Shouldn't Touch Without Washing Your Hands

Despite the fact that your body can be likened to a temple that should be used by only you, it is necessary for you to know that there are some sacred spots on your body that you shouldn't put your hands on, except for some exceptional reasons.

This is because research has shown that hands play a major role in the transmission of germs. As a matter of fact, even after proper washing, your fingers and hands are rapidly re-contaminated from the surrounding environment.

Keep your hands off these 7 body parts as much as possible:

1. Your Ear Canal.

The reason why you should never stick your fingers or anything else into your ears is because you are capable of introducing anything into the ear canal which can tear the thin skin that lines it.

It is recommended that if you feel an itching sensation in your ears, you are to see an otolaryngologist rather than trying to do it yourself.

2. Your Face.

You are permitted to use your hands to apply skin care or wash your face. But otherwise, keep your hands off.

Whenever you rest your hands on a germy surface and then bring them to your forehead, it certainly increases your chances of getting sick. Also, it is discovered that your fingers contains oils that can plug your pores thereby resulting in acne.

3. Your Backside

Aside from you wiping or washing your back side, do not for any reason pick it. This is because it contains bacteria that could potentially be harmful to your health.

It is advisable that after stooling or touching it, ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly.

4. Your Eyes

Unless you are washing away a particle that found its way into your eyes or putting in contact lenses, you should keep your hands off your eyes. This is mainly because you can easily introduce germs into them.

If you do experience dryness, itchiness or contact lens discomfort, it is advisable for you to talk to your eye doctor so that he or she can address the underlying issue.

5. Your Mouth

Research has shown that people put their fingers around or on their mouth an average of 23.6 times per hour when they were bored at work.

Also, by constantly putting your hands in your mouth, you are certainly going to transfer germs into it thereby increases your chances of becoming sick.

6. The Inside Of Your Nose

In a 2006 study of ear, nose and throat patients published in the journal "infection control and hospital epidemiology", nose pickers were 51% more likely to carry staphylococcus aureus bacteria in their nose than those who kept their hands off.

7. The Skin Under Your Nails

It may surprise you to know that bacteria like staphylococcus can live in the skin under your nails.

This is the main reason why your nails should always be short in order to reduce the chances of bacterial carriage. The only thing you can do to such nails, is to gently brush to remove debris.

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