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The fastest henna artist in the world

The fastest henna artist in the world.

Henna is being appreciated by a lot of people all over the world, henna is being originated from India. Centuries ago, henna was used to cool the skin down in hot climates. Over the years it became decoratives.

Her name is pavan Dhanjal, an Indian but resides in London. She opens up a henna bar in London because she loves her culture. She does white henna, glows in the dark, and the neon henna.

Henna to her is everything, it is literally what she based her whole life on. she plans on taking henna to the next stage, make it more available as a beauty product.

She holds the Guinness world record for being the fastest henna artist in the world. she completes 511 armbands in 1 hour.

She plans on making it accessible for all in respect of gender, cultures across the globe.

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