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Three Characteristics Of An Original Damask Outfit

We all have a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness when we discover that a lot of effort has been put into our clothes by our tailor.


Some times, we even go the extra mile by travelling to a far city just to search for a professional tailor. 


Most women don't buy already made damask gowns; they prefer to buy the material and send it to their tailors because they believe that it would be difficult to know if a damask gown is original when it is already sewn.

I'll give you three major ways to find out if a damask gown is original or not, so that you won't have to travel too far into the city or send materials to your tailor.

1. Examine the fabric texture; This is one of the simplest ways to determine the quality of a damask garment.If the texture feels too weak or light, it means that the attire might not be original, because we all know that damask attire is usually very thick.

2. Check if the designs are well infused. If you notice that the paint is going off or the prints are gradually cleaning off, it might be a sign that the outfit isn't original.

3. The thread also matters. You should ensure that the thread is very tight. If it seems loose, it could be that the cloth isn't original.

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