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See Video of a Dirty Fight Between 2 Black American Ladies Eliciting Reactions on Social Media

See Video of a Dirty Fight Between 2 Black American Ladies Eliciting Reactions on Social Media.

A video is currently trending on social media which shows two ladies perceived to be black Americans engaging in a serious fight on the street.

The ladies first engage in verbal wars before finally confronting each other.

One of the ladies was able to over the other, grabbed her long braids, and started spinning her with it. The second lady was seriously injured.

No one could say categorically the reason for their rancour but it was gathered that they were fighting because of a man.

Another thing that got people's attention in the video is the fact that people that were present at the scene did nothing to rescue the lady that was manhandled or separate the fight.

Instead of calming the situation, they all bought out their phones and started recording the ladies in question.

However, many social media users have reacted to the video. See their reactions below.

"This is so wrong. 

I know how it feels when I braid my hair and mistakenly sit on one strand of braid or try to pack it. 

The girl and everyone laughing there is so cold-hearted and capable of murder."

"People are becoming more heartless day by day. They were busy doing videos with their phones to post it on social media. They could do nothing if she stabbed her"

"This isn't funny at all at tyms l don't understand some people instead of separating them u are there videoing it so shameful lack of knowledge dey will get perish all the tym"

"How do you people finding this funny especially ladies that make hair and know how it feels to have it pulled"

"This is inhumane. 

How do you do this to a lady on braids?

What is funny that people are laughing about?

I wish I never watched this"

See the video in the link below.

What do you think about this?

Is it right or wrong for people to keep watching and videoing the ladies without separating them?

Drop your comment below.

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