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How To Sew A Hair Bonnet

The hair bonnet is one simple accessory, that is generally used by women for covering their hair either to bed or during indoor/outside exercises. 

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The hair bonnet likewise effectively retains dampness which can forestall split closures. It additionally shields the hair from the contact, brought about by the pillowcase when we lie to rest and keeps twists set up. 

It tends to be made from various fabrics, going from cotton to Satin, Ankara print, Silk, and so on. In this article, we would rehearse how to make a simple hair bonnet use satin material. 

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Materials required: 

1: Satin material ( about a yard). 

2: Scissors. 

3: Thread. 

4: Measuring tape. 

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5: Chalk. 

6: Flat Surface. 

7: A needle/Sewing machine. 

8: Elastic band. 

9: Safety pins. 

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1: I had two separate bits of material so I just laid them against one another, (using office pins to hold the edges together) and followed a circle on top estimating 20 breadth, with the chalk I did this by setting the estimating tape 10 crawls from one edge and denoting, a circle round while keeping one end in one spot (the center of the circle). 

2: Then I continued to remove the circle. 

3: Next I turned over the texture with the goal that the right half of each, was confronting internal (confronting one another) and I made a join around the edge. I left a little opening so I would have, the option to turn it over when I was finished. 

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4: Then I followed a second circle one inch internal from, the edge and sewed that one as there was not a requirement for space here. 

5: Finally I took the flexible band, which I estimated in advance to the outline of the head. ( I made it for myself).

6: I appended the security pin as far as possible to empower me to go through the texture. : 3 Packs Soft Satin Sleeping Cap Salon Bonnet Night Hat Hair  Loss Chemo Caps for Women : Beauty &amp; Personal Care

7: And Finally when I was finished going it through I sewed the two closures of the versatile together and shut the opening. What's more, Boom it's prepared. 

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